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Foibles Frolics and Phantasmsdragonhenge Foibles, Frolics and Phantasms - illustrated poems by Paul Catherall 1995-2005

Examples of my Artwork from over the years...

Here are some of my pictures - more will be added soon.. 

Went to Coed Llai on a dark night with a load of watercolours - this was the result...

Slightly rushed copy of a Maddona & Child picture I did in a church, I think...

A Rossetti copy of mine - this is an Arthurian subject - something to do with dragons doubtless...

Another dragon... I did a large wall mural for my High School when I was about 15, it shows scenes from the Lord of the Rings - features a nastier meaner version of this critter.

The view from my bedroom when I was about 17. Reminds me of the german Nazarene school of art... this entailed virtually hanging out of the window with the wind blowing through ...


This is me at 17 years old.  I had been studying early Renaissance Italian art and the Pre-Raphaelites.  Like them, I used a pre-painted white ground, so what was painted on the surface mixed slightly with the white ground paint.

Did some illuminated manuscript copies..

Ok - let's have an unfinished lunar landscape... with a giant blue dome... and an obelisk in the middle...

Not sure when I did this but it's years old - sea, headland, hills, sky, drama..  never mind..  I think it's Tintagel castle, Cornwall.


Just a little cat picture : )


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